Online 6 Step Retirement Class

Why you need a financial planner NOW, more than ever!

Why you need a financial planner NOW, more than ever! Our 6-step Approach to Retirement Class


Touching on 6 topics that are impacting for retirement, including Life Planning, Income Planning, Social Security, Investment Planning, Healthcare, Tax Planning Strategies and Estate Planning Strategies.


  • Define retirement and what's important to you
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Realistically estimate your income and expenses
  • 3 strategies for creating an income that lasts a lifetime
  • Understand your distribution options
  • Costly Social Security mistakes and how to avoid them
  • IRA vs Roth IRA: Can you convert? Should you?
  • Reduce expenses and preserve the value of your estate
  • Have you looked ahead to what Healthcare will cost and how you will pay for it?
  • Estate planning strategies
  • And much more...tailored to you!

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